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5 Tips How To Get Your Newborn Ready For Professional Photoshoot

It is exciting to have a newborn in your life, especially if its your first. Also can be very challenging times, to establish a daily routine with your baby, you might feel a bit stressed that how the photoshoot will go, but don't worry we always have your back, and we are experts in this field. Very often a question is when to have your newborns photo taken. I suggest between 2-6 weeks.


Give all the info you know about your baby

When you have you consultation with your chosen photographer, share everything you know about your baby, such as: sleeping pattern, what makes them calm if there is anything, when are they normally sleeping, and for how long. Nobody knows better your baby than yourself.


Use apps such or sleepstream2

These apps is very helpful to calm down and settle your baby and go to sleep while you having a photoshoot.


Have the right temperature,

Having the right temperature is essential for your newborn to feel comfortable while they are naked


Book your photoshoot appointment for the time when your baby having a daily sleep

If you want a photoshoot while your baby is asleep than this is the best time to book your slot, but I think it is also can be fun if they are not sleeping.



- Number 1 priority is your baby's safety, babies are fragile. We know how to handle your baby's, but also we advise you to always stay at least an arms length away, more hands more safety and also parents will have more fun. We always make sure we handle your baby in the safest way. Never risk your baby's safety for a photo.

- Nothing can replace mums voice, and touch, also can calm baby's

- Also we use flashes sometime to add more light to the scene, it is safe to use flashes around babies, these topics are very often searched by parents.

In the safety category will include your research on your chosen photographer, is he/she is experienced and know/trained for handling your baby.

Few more important things to have around

- Wipes, a lot of wipes,

- Nappies, for a quick clean up,

- Food for the baby. A well fed baby will be the best model.

-Towel for extra cleaning

- Last but not least Happy parents are

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