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99 Things You Need To Know About Me

Hmm the title is just a joke, don't want to write 99 things about me, only 98 :)

This was a joke again... but definitely will give you few minute reading.

Lets me just write a few things down you might want to know about me:

Grew up in Hungary, and finished my high school and then later University, where I graduated as a Cultural Anthropologist. In primary school started take martial art classes from 1988, wanted to be better at it, and trained very hard everyday. After few years I became a coach, and made my own training company, from 1999 I opened up the opportunity in 12 towns and villages to learn martial arts for people who heard about it only from movies, in few years I grew that number to 23, and made the training fees affordable to everybody. Unfortunately a health issue was diagnosed in 2003 and gradually had to give up martial arts. After all this I decided start all over again in another country, and chose UK London.

I started literally from the beginning, and just grabbed the first job in a fast food restaurant, where I became a friend with someone who was into photography, thats how I started to get interested in photography and bought my first DSLR in 2008 a Canon 450D with a kit lens. I took picture of everything and put a 12k shutter mileage into that camera in just 3 month. In the same year I made my first paid photography job which was a friend of mines sisters maternity photoshoot in London.

After this photoshoot, just felt like I did something meaningful, I felt proud again when I saw the joy and happiness on my new friends face. It is a memory for them and for me forever. I became passionate about creating amazing photographic artwork, while serving and loving people. I strive to provide the best experience available to clients today. I believe that natural, REAL moments are the moments you’ll want to remember the most. When I tell your story, you will be able to look through the pictures and feel every single emotion all over again. Thats my mission, to create timeless and meaningful memories for every single person who want me to capture they story through my photography.

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