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What to Wear for Your Maternity Photos


Choosing what to wear for any occasion can be a challenge, but when it comes to your maternity photo session, you want to pick the perfect outfit. After all, these are images you’ll look back on for years to come. No pressure, right?

You want your maternity photos to be beautiful and intimate, capturing this incredible moment in your life and the excitement you feel about the growth of your family. That’s why we put together these tips on how to choose the perfect outfit for your maternity session.

Think about the style of your photos.

When choosing what to wear for your maternity session, think about what style of images you want. Are you going for a cosy in-home session or a light and airy outdoor shoot? Once you determine what kind of session you want, you can better figure out what outfit would work best.

Prepare for the weather.

While you want to look good in your photos, you also want to be comfortable. If your session is during the cooler months, choose a cute, cosy outfit and maybe add a fun scarf for extra colour. During spring or summer, go for a bright and colourful outfit that’s cool enough to keep you comfortable.

Coordinate with your family.

If your significant other or older children will be in your maternity photos, take time to coordinate everyone’s outfits. You don’t want to match perfectly, but you don’t want your clothing to clash and distract from your precious baby bump. Choose outfits that are different shades of the same colour to keep things simple and clean-looking.

Avoid trendy styles and patterns.

You want your photos to be timeless, and nothing dates a photo like wearing the latest trendy fashion. Go with simple colours and pieces that won’t go out of style—clothing your kids won’t make fun of years down the road.

Choose two or three outfits.

Talk to your photographer about how many outfits you should bring, but it’s great to at least have two outfits to add variety to your images. Make sure you choose something relatively easy to change into so you can do a quick change and have more time to take your photos.

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